Preparing Students to Learn With Their Whole Mind:

I work with students in the middle and high school grades across all subject areas as well as standardized test prep.  I specialize in fostering good study and work habits that enable students to better help themselves.  When I tutor, I often try to have the student teach me the content – few things work better to secure a strong footing in challenging subjects.  I can use the assigned work and texts supplied by the classroom teacher, and create extra practice problems that reinforce, supplement, and build upon the assignments.  Based on individual needs, I work to develop a range of important skills including:

  • memorization
  • use of mnemonics
  • reading comprehension
  • organization of information
  • test-taking strategies
  • draft writing and revision
  • self-critique and resilience
  • research strategies
  • division of projects into parts
  • management of time and frustration

In addition to academic areas, I am happy to provide one-on-one lessons in digital photography, Photoshop, drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, woodworking, singing, music composition, audio recording and production, and much more.

A Teaching Pedigree:

I recently made a shift within education from being a teacher to supporting the IT needs of faculty and students at New England College of Optometry.  Prior to this shift, I worked for over a decade at Dearborn Academy – an alternative high school program for at-risk teens and students with learning, emotional, and behavioral disorders.  While serving as their woodworking instructor, I trained extensively in small group teaching techniques that support students who have difficulties with focus, frustration, comprehension, time-management, processing, and communication.  I frequently assisted in academic classes and helped students with their work during study halls.  This provided valuable experience supporting students in all core academic areas.

My career started with being a wood shop activity counselor at summer camps as a teenager, and since then every job I’ve had has involved teaching in one way or another.  I’ve been an instructor at summer camps, including Buckingham Browne & Nichols, Beaver Country Day, and Minuteman high school.  I’ve been an elementary after-school teacher, a middle school SPED aide, and a furniture refinishing instructor at a vocational rehabilitation program.  I hold a license to teach Visual Arts grades 5-12, a Masters in Education from Lesley University and a B.A. in Architecture from Washington University in St Louis.

Please let me know if you have any tutoring or extra-curricular needs.  I look forward to coming up with a solution that works for you.  I would be happy to provide references upon request!